The release of Disney’s live-action epic Mulan has been delayed indefinitely amid Coronavirus concerns.

Disney’s Mulan was originally slated for release this week, and while we’re TOTALLY stoked and patiently waiting to see one of our favorite heroines joining the live-action remake party, we can’t help but daydream about which other Vault properties we’d love to see an IRL adaptation of.

Of course, Disney already has a pretty large rumored list, including Cruella, The Little Mermaid, and Pinocchio, just to name a few of the many in the tentative remake queue.

So, without further ado, here are our Top 5 Contenders:

1. Robin Hood

“Robin Hood and Little John running through the forest…” An oldie, but a goldie for sure. While the sheer whimsy of the original could never be recreated, we’re pretty sure that the Imagineers over at the Disney film team could get CLOSE. Oo-de-lally, from the whiny Prince John, to the lovely Maid Marion, to the sniveling Sheriff of Nottingham, there’s a good number of characters from this 1973 classic that we’d love to see reinvented in a live setting. Undecided whether a true “live” remake where we try to anthropomorphize some swashbuckling foxes is necessary, (see CATS *cringe.*) or whether more of a CGI-rendered treatment a-la-Jungle Book would work best.

As these cosplayers from 2015 Salt Lake Comic-Con show us, it’s up to Disney how weird this has to be…

2. Atlantis

We don’t know for sure if Tom Holland is attached to a potential live-action remake of Atlantis, but how cool would that be?

There are rumors circulating around this one already, and we can certainly see why. One of Disney’s more unique properties in terms of aesthetics, Atlantis is certainly up there in terms of worlds we’d love to explore more. With jaw-droppingly beautiful worlds and amazing characters like Milo, Kida, Audrey, Vinny, and Helga – there’s just so much to work with here! A live-action Atlantis remake seems like a no-brainer to us.

This Atlantean warrior cosplay by gwan-chan on DeviantArt is too amazing for words.

3. Treasure Planet

It’s no secret that we here at elope, inc have a pronounced love for all things steampunk, so what better than a film that successfully merged Steampunk, anthropomorphic cat-people, and Space Pirates together into a cohesive, completely cosplay-friendly aesthetic? We’ll wait while you come up with something.

4. Lilo and Stitch

This is another live-action remake that is purportedly in the works, and we’re here for that. We actually can’t wait to see how cute and fluffy (re: possibly creepy?) Stitch looks IRL. Alien experiments aside, this story is so charming, and the characters so endearing that we definitely won’t mind revisiting this little piece of Disney’s film Ohana.

5. Frozen

Anna and Elsa’s adventures are such a fan-favorite, a live-action Frozen seems like such a homerun.

We’ll be perfectly honest. We’re sort of surprised this isn’t ALREADY in the works, given the popularity of the Frozen and Frozen II franchise as a whole. And as much as we love the original films, how cool would it be to see Anna and Elsa’s beautiful Northern backdrop and a talking Olaf brought to ACTUAL life on the big screen?

This Elsa cosplay by is so completely on point, it’s hard to just let it go.
That’s it. It’s done. This Anna and Kristoff cosplay is so perfect, we’re pretty sure Disney couldn’t do better.