It’s #NationalLiteracyWeek! From fairytales in far-off places, to high-intensity fantasy epics and murder mysteries, there’s nothing better than a good book to transport you to another time and space. In celebration of a week dedicated to reading, here’s a montage of our favorite cosplays inspired by literary characters!

Luna Lovegood (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series)

Everyone’s favorite Ravenclaw represented! Seriously, we can’t think of another character we’d rather bum around the Hogwarts campus with. Luna is quirky, insightful, and oh-so-lovable, so we’re definitely not upset about seeing an influx of completely on-point Luna Lovegood cosplays as of late! (like the two below from @brianamotopeia on Instagram!)

Spectrespecs? Check. Ravenclaw House Scarf and matching Necktie? Got ’em. This cosplay is definitely channeling Luna Lovegood’s signature style.
Another Luna-inspired gem from @brianamotopeia featuring our best-selling Spectrespecs!

(Gender-Bend) Geralt of Rivia (Andrezj Sapkowski’s The Witcher series)

Previously known to American audiences primarily due to the wildly successful video game series, the arrival Netflix’s The Witcher, (which is based on Polish author Andrezj Sapkowski’s original stories,) has certainly renewed interest in this literary property. Toss a coin to your witcher, and let’s go hunt some monsters, because we’re definitely ready to see the surge of cosplay interest following suit.

Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Always a fan-favorite with the costuming community, Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland series is the cosplay gift that keeps on giving. From the Disney adaptations to more classical interpretations, Alice in Wonderland costumes and Mad Hatter cosplays won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. (And we’re totally okay with that.)

We’d go to a tea party with @allenwaiserman any day.
@madhatter_boy makes the best very confused March Hare.

Fleur Delacour (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series)

How’s your French accent? Because the fandom’s favorite Beauxbaton babe makes for a fantastically underrated Harry Potter cosplay! (We also love seeing the Beauxbaton boy cosplays! The French Wizarding school was coed in the books, afterall!)

@kallie.porter ‘s Fleur Delacour cosplay is simply stunning.
@thewizardtailor makes the best Beauxbatons’ boy!

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