The New Year is officially upon us, which can only mean one thing: #ConSeason is right around the corner!

“Eeeek!” You cry. “It’s too early! I haven’t had time to finish binge-watching The Mandalorian or The Witcher, let alone planned what I’m going as to ComicCon this year!” We get it. Deciding on your next cosplay is hard. Like, REALLY HARD. That’s why we came up with this short-list of character cosplay ideas we’re secretly hoping to see more of this year. The rest is up to you. Make us proud.

Vintage Wizarding World

GenderBent Greatness

Not-So-Vile Villains

Beauxbatons Best

Whimsical Wonderland

Outrageous Originals

Vintage Wizarding World

Queenie or Tina? Why choose? @hobbitparty showing us you don’t have to pick a favorite Goldstein sister.

Harry Potter and the more “modern” Wizarding World aesthetic is great and all, but we’re really loving the charming vintage vibes of the Fantastic Beasts era. It does draw heavily from the 1920s, after all, and here we are, a century later, still loving everything Deco. So whether you bust out an older Harry Potter cosplay and add a few art deco touches, or come up with something entirely new, we say in honor of ushering in the new Twenties, we wanna see more magical mages dressed as the ghosts of Wizarding World Past!

GenderBent Greatness

@thatprincessgirl is just missing the iconic hat to pull off this Lady Time Lord look!

What could possibly be better than cosplaying your favorite characters? Why, cross-playing them, of course. We’re totally digging the genderswapped greatness exhibited in the cosplay community these days. Who doesn’t love a good femme-Potter or a Lady Time Lord? That crossplay pendulum can swing both ways, fellas. We love seeing masculine versions of our favorite female faves as well! This year, we’re encouraging you to think outside the gender box while planning your Con outfits.

@sinjin1990 showing us an elegant Eleventh Doctor ensemble!

Not-so-Vile Villains

Why should the Good Guys get all the fun? Hero costumes are overrated. From Evil Queens, to songbird sea witches and Mistresses of Evil, to corrupt pirate captains, we’re pretty sure that we speak for the majority when we say that everybody’s got a favorite bad guy. This is why we’re not-so-secretly hoping that Villain cosplays get more, ahem, “play” in 2020.

@madhatter_boy with a custom Captain Hook creation!

Dress To Impress in Your Beauxbatons Best

Have you seen a better Fleur cosplay than this one from @kallie.porter? We’ll wait.

Hogwarts is great and all, but what about showing your OTHER Wizarding school spirit? Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Ilvermorny – these stellar schools need some serious cosplay representation this year! Broaden your Harry Potter costume horizons and theme-park Bounding dress-up opportunities with a global look at Wizarding World fashion. Also, it’s like, REALLY fun to twirl around Diagon Alley in these uniforms.

Whimsical Wonderland

@madhatter_boy doing what he does best in this incredibly accurate Mad Hatter cosplay.

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a classic, but there is ALWAYS room for creative improvement! Come down a veritable rabbit hole of cosplay ideas with us with these awe-inspiring Alice in Wonderland costumes!

Outrageous Originals

@voodoobarbiedoll and @bayleemadisonmakeup as their super-creative Ouija-demon characters!

As much fun as it can be to emulate pop-culturally relevant characters and getting fawned over by fanboys at your favorite cosplay conventions, there’s something to be said about invoking the Law of Surprise (cosplay, surprise that is) by coming up with completely new original characters that no one’s ever laid eyes on before. The reactions from fellow cosplayers can be quite refreshing. So in 2020, we want to see more of this. Whatever THIS is…