1. Pharrell Williams as Smoky the Bear

Clap your hands if you feel like happiness is fire prevention

Featuring: Happy Hat and Fingerless Paws Brown

2. Alice Through the Wookie-Glass

Curiouser and curiouser



Featuring: Disney Alice wig with headband

3. Fairly Scientific

Who would turn down the chance to have a mad scientist as a fairy godmother?

Featuring: Antenna HeadbandDoctor Who Bowtie

4. Jackalope

Proof that the fabled creature can thrive in an urban setting


Featuring: Deer Horns and White Rabbit Hat

5. Were Waldo

What’s the point of finding Waldo if he’s just going to bite you?

werewolf waldo

6. Grumpy Cat In the Hat

Tardar could teach the Grinch a Thing 1 or Thing 2 about grumpiness

Featuring: Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Toddler Fleece Hat
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