We’d be hard-pressed to think of a MORE elopian holiday than “Make a Hat Day” (besides Halloween, of course.)

This quirky celebration of homemade headwear occurs every year on September 15th, so this year, we decided to get our World Headquarters crew in on the creative action by hosting a little friendly teammate competition. Entrants were asked to bring in a custom headwear creation and submit it to a popular vote. We were far from disappointed with the results.

With 13 whimsical entries using elope Original products as the base for their creations, our teammates really knocked this challenge out of the park. We saw everything from a tentacled top hat using our deluxe EVA foam horns, to a stripped down mouth-mover converted into a smoke-breathing jabberwocky. Celebratory cocktail hats, to seasonal-inspired horned headwear. Kooky tricked out top hats and bears with steampunk flair.

This was such a fun challenge for our team, and we always love seeing the varying scope of creative visions brought to life using our products! Want to play along? We’d love to see your spectacular custom styles! #laughwithelope