Wait. Are there princesses who don’t belong in the fancy-pants category? We may have to get back to you on that.
Over the past few years, Disney has been bringing their fairy tale classics back to the big screen and in live action. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland found solid success and the sequel appears to imminent. This summer, Disney is bringing the tale of Sleeping Beauty back to theaters. Telling it through the eyes of the Villain, Maleficent will get to show her side of the story. This movie is anticipated to be a success considering its budget and stellar cast. Disney hopes that it will continue to pave the way for future live action fairy tales.
For example, let’s look at Cinderella. The live action re-telling of one of Disney’s most enduring classics will hit the silver screen Spring of 2015. Following the blockbuster blueprint of pairing accomplished screen veterans (Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter) with rising stars (Lily James and Richard Madden), Cinderella is aiming for wide appeal.
Disney officially released a teaser trailer and poster that shows just how fancy Cinderella’s shoes really are.
And why are shoes such an important part of the Cinderella story? Allow us to reference a titan of the fashion world, Cosmopolitan. In this article on “Why Women Love Shoes,” Helen Fisher, PhD, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University, links to height to status.

In previous centuries, only the wealthy wore high heels — everyone else had practical footwear to do manual labor. “Shoes were a measure of class,” says Fisher, “and we still have a bit of that mind-set ingrained in us.”

Our team members are avid fans of Disney princesses in general, so of course, we’re keeping our eyes on this movie (and the costumes, naturally).  Stay tuned as we update you on the development of the movie and our latest products. Until next time, keep your shoes on.

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