Happy Colorado Day, everyone!

Today, the great state of Colorado is celebrating it’s 143rd birthday, and here at elope, we’re celebrating the fact that we get a chance to live and work in such an amazing place. As with most Coloradans, we’re more than happy to show some state pride, as evidenced in this awesome Bricky Blocks buildout from our designer, Sara. We’re pretty sure we couldn’t make the state flag look better if we tried. (We did. We couldn’t.)
It’s not just anywhere you get to experience 300+ days of sunshine, a #BombCyclone, and the chance to ski on the Fourth of July, all in the same year! Having our global headquarters located in this amazing area since the beginning days of elope has helped bring a unique personality to our products and the way we do business. It’s pretty obvious that Colorado is a special place, both in terms of the landscape, the ever-changing temperatures, and the people who call it home.
Fun fact: elope was actually founded by two brothers (Colorado natives!) who set up shop with a kiosk in the Citadell Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado over 26 years ago selling silly ski and snowboard wear! What started out as a love for costuming and creative expression hasn’t changed much since those early days. Sure, we’re making more whimsical everyday wearables than whacky winter wardrobe staples these days, but the spirit is still the same. We’re here to help Share Laughter : Wear Happiness from our corner of Colorado to the rest of the world, and we hope you’ll come along!