V-Day is just around the corner and you’re looking for couples costume ideas for valentine’s day. While those corny paper cards and candy hearts are fun and everything, we’re challenging you to spice up your celebrating this year by introducing a little light cosplay.

Match Your Date

Match Your Friends

Match Your Favorite Mascot

Do Your Own Thing

Cosplay, you say? I don’t know if that’s for me. We assure you, it certainly can be!

Picture this: Instead of doing the whole boring fancy dinner-date thing, you show up with your significant other to the closest bar or restaurant serving a Valentines’ Day dinner, dressed in full Harry Potter garb with a wand in tow, and shout, “Accio, Lobster tail!” as you motion for the bartender to start pouring some “potions.”

Sounds fun, right?

While they might not be crashing any dinner parties next week, these cosplayers are still taking costuming #CoupleGoals to whole new heights with great examples of couples costume ideas for Valentine’s Day…

Matching cosplays even more magical than the Wizarding World…

@brianamatopoeia setting the standard for super-sweet Fantastic Beasts cosplay.
@hobbitparty and @michaelrburson with more Wizarding World magic. How cute is this Newt and Queenie couples’ cosplay?

Match your friends…

Of course, there’s no law that says you have to even have a significant other to join in on the fun. How about a Gal-entine’s cosplay? One of the coolest parts of cosplaying is that couple’s costumes don’t necessarily need to be conventional “couple” characters in order to qualify. Team up with your friends to create some stunning group ensembles that will definitely get you some attention in the V-Day crowds! Dress in your Hogwarts House colors, go as rowdy Pirate captains or follow the White Rabbit to a Wonderland-inspired adventure. There are no wrong answers here.

This gender-swapped Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy cosplay by @bayleemadisonmakeup and @voodoobarbiedoll is a keeper. #ProTip: Visit these ladies;profiles even IF you’re doing the conventional V-Day thing. They have some insanely inspiring makeup tutorials to share!
@hobbitparty says, “Bring a friend to Beauxbatons!
@magically.potteresque showing us that Slytherins and Gryffindors can definitely get along!
@allenwaiserman and @allisonlobel make a match made in Wonderland!

…or match your favorite mascot instead!

If you’re spending Valentine’s at one of the parks, why not #Disneybound it a little and dress for the perfect Instagram-able photo op with your favorite character celebs? We all know Mickey and Minnie live for this sort of thing, and you already know what they’ll be wearing, so dress to match!

@thatprincessgirl on Instagram found the perfect match to her vintage Minnie-inspired look in the one and only Mickey Mouse!

Of course, you don’t HAVE to match anyone…

We appreciate a truly original costume as much as anyone (perhaps more-so,) so if doing the matchy-match cosplay thing isn’t in your wheelhouse, we encourage you to be your own character! Not all couples costume ideas for Valentine’s Day come in a matching pair!

@madhatter_boy and @thatprincessgirl look ready for Renn Faire or a magical date night!
@ilichinchilli on Instagram showing us how to be a total party animal in this Lisa-Frank inspired Rainbow Tiger ensemble!

Have some awesomely extra couple’s cosplays to show us? Tag us on social to share your creations!