Grab your super hero gear, it’s finally here! Avengers: Age of Ultron hit the theaters last weekend and bagged the second-biggest domestic opening in history with a hulking (pun intended) $187.7 million debut.
Globally, says Variety, “the film is a juggernaut, pulling in an estimated $627 million in 12 days of release. At that pace, Avengers: Age of Ultron should pass $1 billion, particularly after it opens in China on May 12.”
Of course for us as costume junkies professionals, one of the best parts of a movie release is watching what the fans do with our whimsical wearables. From ensemble cosplay to all-out Marvel costuming, we love seeing our work in the wild, like in this post from AMC Theaters! Have you tried out our Marvel goggles? We’d love to hear from you.
In related matters, you might want to explore the “Which Avengers Character Are You” quiz that will answer your pressing questions about which weapons, ideal dates, and methods of conflict resolution you share with the personalities behind the greatest force ever assembled.
We’re sure you’re aware by now that Ultron is the baddest of the bad when it comes to Avenger villains. He is a classic foe in the Marvel Universe, and the film makers are making some tweaks to his powers and origin story. Click on this amazing image, courtsey of SciFiNow, for gorgeously graphic details that give you a breakdown of his true beginnings and some insight into why Marvel fans are absurdly excited about seeing this would-be destroyer of worlds on screen.
And we haven’t even discussed the incredible level of buzz around Marvel’s movie hype machine. Fans got a preview of Ultron in action with the trailer below. When it was released, it set the record by getting over 35 million views in 24 hours! The most anticipated sequel of the year now holds the highest Marvel global view count to date, surpassing all other previous Marvel films. Our team loved the parodies and commentary sparked by the trailer, including this hilarious metafictional ‘screening’ by the characters of Pixar’s upcoming Inside Out.

Our tribe of Marvel fans enjoyed the move, and no doubt some of us will be returning for another session of film-watching fanaticism to catch up our friends and family on the Marvel Universe. Be sure check out elope’s line of Marvel product, and suit up in your favorite Avenger’s headwear. Check back here for we more new and exciting Marvel product coming your way later in 2015!