elope recognized as one of the ‘Best Workplaces’ in Colorado Springs

elope recognized as one of the ‘Best Workplaces’ in Colorado Springs

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Grateful to our team for the nomination and the support in being recognized with an Honorable Mention as one of Colorado Springs’ BEST WORKPLACES 2018.

Every company’s team members were asked to answer 26 questions about organizational health, engagement and leadership plus other areas like work-life balance, training, pay, benefits and corporate social responsibility. They rated those organizations with scores ranging from 1-7: a 1 represented “strongly disagree,” 4 was “neutral” and 7 was “strongly agree.” Surveyed team members could also write comments on topics such as motivation, referrals of potential employees, retention, leadership, values and ethics, direction and cooperation.

To even qualify, workplaces were required to have a response rate of at least 40 percent to be honored as a best workplace. And any company with mostly negative responses was excluded. As a result of the increased participation, 78 employers were honored as best workplaces, and we’re proud to among those organizations in Colorado Springs that work hard to be a great place to work!

We’re especially proud of this recognition, because about 140 private, public, nonprofit and government organizations in the Pikes Peak region participated this year — almost double 2017.

Read more about this program sponsored by the Gazette and the EDC/Chamber here.