Well, howdy there. Bob Tate here, the official unofficial four-legged ambassador of elope.
It’s National Dog Day, and these nice folks asked Bob to be your guide dog on a tour of our offices to celebrate. Bob says “our” because Bob Tate Enterprises and the elope World Headquarters share a location here in Colorado Springs. It’s the perfect place for Bob to offer his wide array of essentail services: butt sits, cookie extraction, hole digging, stick fetching. treat transfers… but more on Bob Tate Enterprises’ extensive services in a bit!
What was Bob saying? Oh yeah. Those elope humans make some pretty fun hats and costume things to wear around here. I mean, Bob don’t like to wear them, but plenty of people do, so Bob shares his offices with them. It’s a great spot: Plenty of sticks to fetch, lots of space to dig holes, oh, and treats. Can’t have a World Headquarters without plenty of treats.
Come on, and Bob’ll show you around all the must-see treat dispensaries and butt sit stops: