Fantastic Beasts and Where to House Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to House Them

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If you’ve driven by elope’s global headquarters lately and spied something magical, you’re not alone. Many area residents are no doubt noticing a little extra springtime sparkle in the air this year, thanks in large part to our latest property addition: a unicorn corral.

With wildlife conservation efforts and their local community in mind, elope decided to put the empty lot to the building’s northwest side to good use by turning it into a veritable paradise for adoptable unicorns rounded up from forestry lands in the area.

“Couldn’t every community use a little extra magic?” asked Becca Sickbert, elope’s Marketer of Joy. “We recognized the need for these beautiful creatures to stay somewhere safe and comfortable until local rescue agencies can locate areas more suited for their natural awesomeness. We thought, ‘Why not here?’ So that’s exactly what we’re doing- it just so happens it brings a few extra rainbows and glitter to our corner of the world.”

On average, each housed unicorn produces as much as 50 pounds of glitter per day. With an average of 5-10 fostered fantastical additions in their care at any given time, the sparkle tends to pile up quickly.

So what does one do with upwards of 500lbs of magic a day? Give it back to the people, of course. “We’ve begun a program to donate the glitter to local school art programs in an effort to promote creativity in our communities.” Sickbert says. “The kids also LOVE coming to visit the unicorns for field trips. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

Interested in adopting your very own elope unicorn? You can find more information on the adoption process here: