We’ve mentioned before that the movie is a giant box office hit, but ticket sales aren’t everything. Let’s talk fashion.
Film and fashion have shaped each other since audiences flocked to see the first silent films. There’s nothing like the silver screen to showcase style and connect people with their favorite characters. Think Vertigo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall or Saturday Night Fever — we’ve seen films influence runway looks and define the style of a decade.
With its icy world of memorable characters, beautiful landscapes, and infectious songs, Frozen speaks to people of all ages. We’ve noticed Elsa and Anna-inspired color palettes are popping up all over visual inspiration sites like polyvore and pinterest.

Part of this massive response in pop culture is that Disney changed up its formula and presented us with a double dose of royal heroines: Frozen benefits from the sister dynamic between not one, but two Disney princesses.
Is it any wonder that prom and quinceañera fashion looks to Disney for design inspiration? Garment designer Lilian Zayas Llanos is also a retail shop owner in Florida. Zayas’ clientele is looking to invoke the magic they see on screen with gowns that let them dress up as their favorite characters. A quinceañera, says Zayas, is “a fairytale type of event – girls come in asking to look like Elsa, or the classic Belle or Cinderella.”
And yet it’s not just school kids and teens who love Frozen. College students and young professionals are adopting princess-style slippers, and skirts with scarves. Even Vogue.com explored the two sisters‘ unique personalities in terms of Valentino, Versace, and Rodarte — especially Rodarte, as Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the two sisters behind the unusual design collections.
As for our new Frozen-inspired apparel, we’ll be unveiling headwear featuring the same characters that have made this film a new Disney classic.