The countdown is officially on. We’re less than two weeks from everyone’s favorite costumed festivities (and less than that if you’re attending parties the weekend before!) Do you have your costume nailed down yet? If not – don’t fret. We’re here to help.

  • Show off your makeup skills with one of these spooky looks…

Can’t think of a single character you want to be? Why not create your own? Mashups are one of the coolest costuming trends because you get such a chance to show your creativity. You can be punny, or scary, or absolutely off-the-wall. We’re loving these monster mashups by makeup titans @bayleemadisonmakeup + @voodoobarbiedoll on Instagram. Many makeup artists also post their tutorials to their accounts, so if this jack-o’-lantern-deer antler ensemble seems daunting, they’ll show you how it’s done!

@bayleemadisonmakeup + @voodoobarbiedoll on Instagram come up with some seriously inspiring makeup transformations.
bayleemadisonmakeup + @voodoobarbiedoll are back at it with this killer Beetlejuice/Ouija board-inspired look (using our beast horns!)
Float on down and check out this killer Bride of Pennywise creation by @voodoobarbiedoll! (Bring Your Own Makeup Skills, but you can snag the ruffle cuffs to complete the look here.)
We’re fauning over this glowing, glam doe-eyed look from @misskmichael on Instagram.
  • Not feeling quite up to the task with your current makeup collection? Try these more low-key, but equally awesome, looks instead…

You don’t have to have an SFX-level skillset to achieve an amazing costume or cosplay. Sometimes, just the right accessories can take your costume to an above-basic level. Classic characters or pop-culture icons make great sources of inspiration, and chances are, you might be able to pull a good deal of your ensemble straight from your existing wardrobe!

@madhatter_boy on Instagram can literally host his own wacky tea party in our Disney Mad Hatter Replica Hat and March Hare Plush Hat!
@hobbitparty and @michaelrburson on Instagram is making us wish we were heading back to Hogwarts ourselves. (Whatever you do, make sure you’ve packed one of these Vintage House Robes in your trunk.)
Get a little silly. Who doesn’t like a Spitting Llama? Surprise your friends with the water-squirting feature that can spray them from up to 25ft away!
@bayleemadisonmakeup on Instagram showing off her on-point Sabrina Spellman cosplay. (you can snag the horns here.)
Want to make a political party statement? Channel your inner Supreme Court Justice with this RBG Dissent Collar! (If you don’t still have your old high school grad robes, you can snag the full Ruth Bader Ginsberg-inspired ensemble here.)
@michaelrburson on Instagram is looking Ren-Faire ready in our Elven Cloak!
  • Still not seeing anything that strikes your fancy? Check out our What Shall I Be For Halloween personality quiz! Answer a few questions, and we’ll help dial in your costuming style for even MORE inspiration!

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