We’re going back to our roots in our newest line of uniquely handcrafted, totally original whimsical wearables! And by “back to our roots,” we mean ALL THE WAY back – to Nepal, where elope actually began. We’re proud to introduce Heartfelted™ – our exclusive line of hand-felted headwear, specially crafted by Nepali artisans! 
Designed by our in-house creative team, each piece is then individually brought to life by our skilled team of felt craftsman partners. The fine detail and exceptional quality that elope fans have come to know and love are, of course, a steadfast standard. However, thanks to the handcrafted production process, no two pieces are exactly alike, so your Heartfelted™ headwear is an elope original in the purest sense. 
It was the rich culture and welcoming people of Nepal that originally persuaded our founders, Keith and Kevin, to create the beginnings of what would one day become elope in this magical place 26 years ago. Living and working alongside our Nepali partners for over 2 years made the development of the products and the relationship with the artisans all the more special. 
While we may have grown in scale since those early days, the commitment to our founding principles of fair trade and social responsibility has remained a core focus for elope. To celebrate our heritage and dedication to a more joyful global community, elope is giving back 10% of sales generated from the Heartfelted™ line to benefit the Nepal Youth Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to providing Nepal’s most impoverished children vital healthcare, education, and a safe environment. It’s more than just the “right” thing to do. We all gain big by giving back! 
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