If you ask Syfy’s hit reality costuming show “Heroes of Cosplay,” the world NEEDS more sassy Waldos (and Wendas). Yes, we agree — and we need more sassy Waldos who like to run!

In last week’s episode, Jessica Merizan showed up for a costumed appearance at a comic store for a sketch session. After careful review of this, our new favorite episode, we’re pretty much certain the costume was one of ours! (If it’s not, we think Jessica’s work is so strong she could join our team.)

But back to the topic of running and sassy outdoor fun: We’re a proud partner of the Waldo Waldo, a 5K Colorado Springs charity walk and run happening Oct. 26, 2014. The current world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Waldo is 3,872. We had over 2,700 at the second Waldo Waldo 5K in 2013, and we’re gunning for the record this year.
Race registration includes your very own Where’s Waldo® costume designed by our team right here in Colorado Springs. Hope to see you there!