If you saw the hilarious debut for our Sprazy™ Spitting Llama Toy Hat earlier this summer, chances are you’ve landed yourself a lloveable llama of your very own. But the question remains: What do I do now?

Were you left wondering how you too could sneak up on your blissfully unaware friends and coworkers for a little friendly hijinx? If so, never fear! Our oh-so-crafty cameraman, Matt, is here to show you exactly how to build your very own #LlamaCam and wreak hilarious havoc on your unsuspecting targets:

Lights. Camera. Llama.

Once you’ve got your shiny new DIY rig fully loaded and ready for action, send the ridiculous results our way! Use the hashtag #laughwithelope on Facebook or Instagram to show us (and the world!) your own prank-tastic footage!

Seriously. Show us what you’ve got. We’re pretty sure that somebody out there has some truly spectacular Sprazy™ #LlamaCam masterpiece potential just waiting to be tapped. We KNOW you guys can do this better than we can. Isn’t that what the internet is all about?

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