Pixar will return next summer with a new original animation: Inside Out. Directed by Peter Docter (Monsters Inc, Up), the story takes place in the consciousness of Riley, a young girl, and gives us unique insight into the emotional machinations that come with moving to a new city and adjusting to a new school. Pixar has just released its first teaser trailer, which is a whirlwind introduction to the film’s emotional main characters and how they work together to drive the story — and their host — forward.
The voices feature the talented Amy Poehler (Joy), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Bill Hader (Fear), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), and Lewis Black (Anger).
Check it:

Critics are already responding with enthusiasm. Take, for example, Peter Debruge’s glowing recap quoted below. Variety Magazine’s chief international film critic interviewed Docter at the 38th Annecy Animation Film Festival, and characterized Inside Out this way:

At the risk of overstatement, the film could eventually prove to be as revolutionary as Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” which so vividly described the Italian poet’s vision of heaven and hell that it has shaped the public’s image of both ever since. In the absence of a truly satisfying model for how the mind works, “Inside Out” gives people a new way to visualize their own thought process.
As if to prove that point, early reactions to internal test screenings reveal ways in which audiences are already analyzing their own behavior according to Docter’s new model.
“One family came and watched the movie,” the director recalls. “The son had always had trouble going off the diving board, and that day, he dove off, and he said, ‘I just felt like Fear was driving, and I needed to make him step aside.’”

With an inventive story and beloved cast of voice actors, this movie will no doubt be another beautiful masterpiece from the minds over at Pixar. Here at elope, we are gearing up for this movie and plan to have some great hats and accessories to please the Pixar fans in our midst. Keep checking back as we get more news on Inside Out!