Pixar seems to have scored yet another success with Inside Out, which has sparked the best reviews for the company since Up. Over the last few years the company released a number of well-reviewed films, but critics are calling it the best film that the company has ever made. With Disney dominating the Best Animated category for the past three years with Frozen, Brave and Big Hero 6, there is no doubt that the company will likely score yet another Academy Award in the category with this new film.
In creating the movie, Pixar spent quite a bit of time studying the behavior of the human brain. They consulted with scientists, neurologists and psychologists to try to really get a grip on how to best characterize the feelings that we might experience and their effects on the human brain. Much of the design of the characters and their surroundings has a real life connection to psychology or other cognitive sciences. You might find yourself learning more than you might expect from this band of emotions!
Inside Out is a conceptually adventurous movie, just like many of the designs that we put together here at elope.  With a cast that is lauded as “one of the most talented in Pixar’s history,” this is sure to be a can’t-miss movie.  Pixar has out-done themselves with this one, as it explores things from a perspective that no other film has tried before. It is expected to be a HUGE hit in the box office, with a predicted $250 million coming from domestic ticket sales.
We are excited for the new and exciting product we are developing for both Inside Out and Big Hero 6 this year!  Check out the trailer below and see you at the theaters!
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