Introducing elopian Kasia!

Introducing elopian Kasia!

Q: What is your name?
A: Kasia Wyszkowski

Q: What is your job here at elope, Inc.?
A: Office and e-Commerce Coordinator

Q: What is your favorite winter food?
A: A whole pan of lasagna

Q: What is your favorite summer drink?
A: Mango banana smoothie

Q: You’re happiest when…..
A: I’m volunteering to do trail work.

Q: What are two things that make you laugh?
A: Doggie kisses and elaborate future business schemes. The most recent business plan was a chicken nugget restaurant with rotating dipping sauces.

Q: What is your super power or hidden talent?
A: I can identify wild edible plants and berries in most regions of the US.

Q: What is your favorite elope, Inc. wearable so far?
A: Mad hatter hat or LED antennae (A.K.A. Light-Up Insect Antennae LumenHorns)

Q: What is your favorite song, or music?
A: Bluegrass, I like to get down with the get down.