You can make the meowiest day of the year a little bit brighter with our Light-Up Black Cat Headband!

Well, actually it’s Tuesday, but it ALSO happens to be National Cat Day! Here at the elope World Headquarters, we’re notoriously dog-friendly. From Bob Tate the unofficially official office mascot to a rotating roster of bring-your-dog-to-work days, our office is generally a veritable mass of wagging tails and wet noses on any given day.

But what about the cat people? We’re obviously quite fond of our frisky feline friends. We have an entire assortment of cat-inspired whimsical wearables, afterall. So we’ll use #NationalCatDay as an excuse to share some love for our team members and their whiskered companions!

Some of us are able to convince our cats to play dress-up, but as most cat people can tell you, simply getting your kitty friends to pose with you at all can be considered a win.

Our eCommerce Team Lead, Loretta, kids and kittens, Bolt, Thunder, and Flash.

Dogs have owners and cats have staff. It’s to be expected that fitting photo sessions with their humans into their very busy sunning and string-chasing schedules isn’t always feasible. Here are a couple more elopian cat models sans their human counterparts!

Meet Pepper, the adorable striped tabby who calls our Distribution Technician, Alex, her human.
Here’s Vinnie, who rooms with our Accounts Payable Specialist, Penny.

Happy Hallo-week and #NationalCatDay from elope! Have pictures of you and your own fur friends? We’d love to see them, whether you’re in costume or not (although you win the internet if you’ve managed to land yourself a cat that doesn’t mind playing dress-up!) Tag us on Instagram to share!