Why stop at decking the halls this holiday season? You’ve already trimmed the tree, plugged in the inflatable Santa, and swagged garland off every banister you own. Your holiday party outfit should look just as festive! We’re here to deliver 6 innovative ideas for bringing some extra costume glam to your company Christmas party!

Reindeer Games
Winter in the Wizarding World
Merry Grinchmas
Whimsical Winter
Kiddie Classics

Festive Faun

@devanndiorio on Instagram with this lovely Yule faun look.

Oh, deer. You’ll be the most lavishly dressed at all of the reindeer games with one of these elaborate woodland winter looks! Don’t worry, it’s easier to pull off than it seems! Costume Reindeer Antlers or cosplay horns make a great base, and from there, you can simply add some holiday-inspired elements to complete your transformation from everyday evening wear to ethereal woodland creature!

Here Comes Krampus

@route66trade on Instagram with this ultra-cool Krampus costume.

Hopefully, you’ve been good this year. Otherwise, this ancient European Christmas demon has a knapsack and a bag of switches with your name on it. A look that’s fantastic for uber-cosplayers and casual costumers alike, you can opt to go all-out with full-face makeup, some furry pants, and cloven hooves, or, throw on a pair of costume horns and get ready to wreak havoc at your company holiday party. (Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for your coworkers’ reactions to you attempting to stuff them in a pillowcase.)

@bayleemadisonmakeup is oddly enchanting as Lady Krampus.
@disguisethelimitcostumes showing off a super creative she-Krampus cosplay!

Keep Warm with these Winter Wizarding World Essentials

@brianamatopoeia on Instagram giving us some magical Fantastic Beasts holiday vibes.

Picture this: You stroll into your next holiday event dressed like you’re headed to Hogsmeade for a pint of butterbeer on a snowy winter day. Perfect, right? We might not be able to get you onto Platform 9 3/4, but we can certainly transport your party style to the magical world of Hogwarts in the winter with some of these Harry Potter-inspired holiday ensembles.

Get Grinchy

Ever the fan-favorite, you can always elect to attend your year-end social engagements as the beloved anti-Christmas ambassador: Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. Need a date? Bring Cindy Lou (and Max, too!) Head on over to WhoVille in holiday style- Just be sure you don’t make off with the presents. Stick to carving the Roast Beast, and you should be fine.

Whacky Winter Wearables

Holiday party #SquadGoals from @theritzboulder
Spin the dreidel in silly style this year with this Menorah hat!

Whether you’re headed to your town’s Christmas parade, running in a Santa Sprint, spending Hannukah with friends and family, or just want an easy-to-wear addition to your party outfit, any of these whimsical winter wearables are sure to be a festive crowd-pleaser at your next event.

Good Girls and Boys

It’s impossible not to faun over this darling winter deer look from

Let’s be real. Sometimes as parents, we spend more time making sure our little ones look great than we do worrying about what we’re going to wear to all these winter festivities. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. These looks will be fun for all your holiday events. From visiting Santa to visiting the grandparents, your kiddos will be dressed to the nines in holiday cheer!

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