The classic tale gets a new twist as we see it through the eyes of a powerful enchantress. We learn the motivation behind her cruelty and see that she’s a misunderstood creature with the biggest heart in the world.
Wicked (Kidding! I mean) Maleficent is coming to theaters!
This new tale of Sleeping Beauty will be battling the latest X-Men movie for the number one spot this weekend, and many believe that it will be a challenge to take the lead. Maleficent is a strong contender though. This is the first solid family movie of the summer and has the star power of Angelina Jolie that is sure to draw in the masses.
Here at elope, we’ve been anticipating this movie for a long time. Available for pre-order, (hint, hint) we’ll have iconic Maleficent horns available for you this Halloween. If you’re headed to the movie this opening weekend, you have to check these out.