Elopians love animals, but we’re especially fond of our office dogs and their contributions to our happy, loving work environment. Thanks to Bob Tate for joining us today to provide his trademark services with a smile.
Q. What’s your name?
A.  Bob Reuben “Tater” Tate.
Q. What’s your job here at elope Inc.?
A. Bob Tate Enterprises’ World Headquarters Service Call Center is located at 10035 Federal Dr. (elope also happens to be there).
Q. What’s your favorite thing to eat in the winter?
A. Pillows, things on the kitchen counter, cardboard, firewood…
Q. What’s your favorite thing to sip in the summer?
A. Water out of the South Platte River at 11 Mile Canyon.
Q. You’re happiest when…
A. I’m with my dad or mom.
Q. What are two things that make you laugh?
A. Butt sitz and chasing sticks.
Q. What’s your super power or hidden talent?
A. Providing Services – stick retrieval services, bed testing services, inside destruction services, outside destruction services, food testing services.
Q. What’s your favorite elope inc. wearable?
A. Anything Auntie Wu puts on me (like lion ears, or wolf ears, or any elope antlers).
Q. What’s your favorite song?
A. Willie Nelson “On the Road Again”