Meet elopian Chris Ironfield

Meet elopian Chris Ironfield

Q:What is your name ?
A: Chris Ironfield.

Q: What is your job here at elope, Inc.?
A: I am the Director of Licensing at elope.

Q: What is your favorite winter food?
A: Winter in California is not the same as it in Colorado but my wife’s spaghetti & meatballs and always makes me feel like I’m home.

Q: What is your favorite summer drink?
A: It really depends on my mood. An cold glass of lemonade can be so refreshing but an ice-cold beer with seafood on the beach is great.

Q: You’re happiest when…..
A: I’m spending time with my family at the beach.

Q: What are two things that make you laugh?
A: The stuff that kids say, and the things dogs do.

Q: What is your super power or hidden talent?
A: My wife says my hidden talent is my knowledge of “useless trivia” but I feel my ability to make people laugh may be a more of a talent.

Q: What is your favorite elope, Inc. wearable so far?
A: As a Harry Potter fan, I appreciate the detail and care elope has put into creating the Sorting Hat.

Q: What is your favorite song, or music?
A: I listen to a decent variety of music and my taste can be all over the map depending on my mood and the people I’m with.  With all that said, I can always find a Beatles song to connect with.