Meet elopian David!

Meet elopian David!

Q:What is your name ?
A: David E. Moum

Q: What is your job here at elope, Inc.?
A: Marketing

Q: What is your favorite winter food?
A: Tikka Masala (all year round)

Q: What is your favorite summer drink?
A: A cup of tea in the evening

Q: You’re happiest when…..
A: I am in the wild doing nature photography with my wonderful wife

Q: What are two things that make you laugh?
A: The TV show Galavant or The Librarians, and a good story

Q: What is your super power or hidden talent?
A: Puns, and quoting movies

Q: What is your favorite elope, Inc. wearable so far?
A: So far my favorite elope wearable would have to be the Bricky Blocks Snapback Black.

Q: What is your favorite song, or music?
A: My favorite song is “Running To Stand Still,” by U2.