Q. What’s your name?
A. Ezekiel, but you can call me Zeke.
Q. What’s your job here at elope Inc.?
A. Therapist. I love to visit my fellow elopians and assist them with their day in any way I can. I’m always willing to lend an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. My specialty is receiving belly rubs, it’s the most selfless way I can think of to help out. Really.
Q. What’s your favorite thing to eat in the winter?
A. Do I have to pick just one thing? I love beef. And chicken. And cheese. And eggs…
Q. What’s your favorite thing to sip in the summer?
A. Ice Cream! Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. Did I mention ice cream?
Q. You’re happiest when…
A. Swimming! Flushing out pheasant. Riding the 4-wheeler. Anything with mom!
Q. What are two things that make you laugh?
A. Stealing dad’s food; only dad’s! And stealing toys from my buddies.
Q. What’s your super power or hidden talent?
A. My soulful stare. I haven’t found anyone yet immune to its power!
Q. What’s your favorite elope Inc. wearable?
A. The Satyr Horns are pretty cool!
Q. What’s your favorite song or music?
A. That’s easy! “Walking The Dog” by Rufus Thomas.

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