Our team members don’t need a reason to dress up, so when they find a really good reason, they go all out. Denver’s Nan Desu Kan anime convention “began its life in 1997 at the Tivoli Student Union as a small, fan-run convention with just 200 or so attendees… with a total weekend attendance of more than 21,000 (over 7,000 people per day), it’s now the largest convention in Colorado and 14 surrounding states (excluding Texas), as well as one of the top 15 largest anime conventions in the country.”
Here’s our team’s take on Earthbound, a classic NES game from the 1990’s reworked for Wii U. At times in the video game, rogue fungi called Ramblin’ Evil Mushrooms attack Earthbound characters and create an ailment that causes a character to attack one of their own team, or heal an enemy instead of a friend. Our cosplayers, however, found it easy to wear our mushroom hats all day with only excess laughter as a side effect.