We know how much fun is in store for you, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise (much less create a time paradox), so we’ll spare you the details.

The past decade has welcomed it’s share of visiting time travelers. We’ve seen plenty of fun loving scientists named Doc, our share of Time Lords, and just two dudes on an excellent adventure.
Now it’s our turn! Why not waste a little time and check out our top 3 ideas on how to spend your night pretending to be a Time Traveler:

1 – Grab your friends, throw on some futuristic duds, then strike up totally random conversations with strangers about time travel. Ask them what year it is, and act surprised and dismayed by their answer. Pretend to be searching for a parking spot for your flying car. You get the idea…..let your imagination flow.
2 – Throw on a robot hat or spaceman helmet and visit a nearby park. Make sure to stop at open spots along the way and declare loudly, “I claim this land in the name of [insert your future society here].”
3 – Dress up as your favorite regeneration of the Doctor and run around saying things like “Allons-y!”, “Geronimo!”, or ask your neighbor if they’d like a Jelly Baby.

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your time traveler suit? Take a look at some our favorites here, or if you are strictly looking for a Doctor Who Time Lord outfit, check out these beauties.

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