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Following a post-apocalyptic shipwreck, our steampunk pirates embark on a wild costume adventure of grit and glitter. Along they way, they meet a dragon-taming desert gypsy and her magical shape-shifting fox, receive a treasure map from a mysterious mermaid, discover weird aquatic creatures, and finally, find their way to a warm homecoming that only a speakeasy oasis filled with friends can offer.
In a time of turbulent seas — Create Adventure: Wear Happiness.
Featuring a wide range of selections from the 2017 elope catalog coming soon, including: Ye Olde World Lightweight Scarf (now in stock!), Dragon and Angler Fish Jawesome™ Hats, Octopus Pirate Hat, Mermaid Sea Queen Crown Headband, and all kinds of steampunk and standard elope favorites.
Filmed with love and laughter at Swirl Wine Bar and Palmer Park.
The Shipwrecked Pirate Crew:
Bang Bang Von Loola as Captain Cat
Curtis Simmons as First Mate GlitterBeard
Richie Kotwica as Doc The Explorer
With the talents of:
Katrina Harris as Desert Gypsy
David E. Moum as her Shape-Shifting Anthropomorphic Fox Companion AND the Safari Lion Bar-Back
Cierra Pangrac as the Deep Sea Festival Mermaid
Andrew Palmer as Speakeasy Cantina Bartender
Kevin Johnson as the Tentacled-Monocled Gambling Reveler
Sarah Nejtek as the Diabolical Card Shark
Sarah Cain as Cantina Jazz Singer
Tiana Cooks as Cantina Jazz Dancer
Sharon Erale-Palmer & April Lavely as Speakeasy Cantina Sisters
Concepts, Story, Costume and Design:
Athena Genthner and Jaclyn Simmons
Hair and Makeup: Boopsie’s Beauty Boutique and Bea Mazing
Set and Prop Design: Sara Rawe, Marlene Rékasi Lloret and Elope Inc
Prop/Accessory, Talent and Sustenance Coordinator: Alyssa Rose
Videography and Editing: Michael Lee Ring
Still Photography: Scott Majors (Image release coming soon!)
Producer/Director: Becca Sickbert