We’re calling it: Summer ’19 is officially the Summer of the Sprazy™! Beginning with the introduction of our lovable plush Spitting Llama Sprazy™ Toy Hat, we knew we had a hilarious hit on our hands. Perfect for undercover pranksters, these adorably unassuming plush hats fit ages 3+, and feature fuzzy polyester fleece, plus a super-soaker secret: they double as water pistols! A secret pouch inside hides the plastic water reservoir, arming you for a family-sized water fight! Since these hats pretty much can’t help making a splash (they have a range of over 25 feet!) our videographer, Matt, decided to take one for a spin around the elope headquarters. Enjoy!
Ready to start your own water-fight? Grab your cell-phone, GoPro, and the first Llama Sprazy™ you can get your hands on!  We promise hilarity will ensue. Just make sure you don’t catch anything important (like electronics, legal documents, or kittens) in the crossfire.
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