Video: The Beauty in Going Back

Video: The Beauty in Going Back

Around here, we encourage everyone to dream. Our headquarters in Colorful Colorado inspire lots of big dreams: hiking 14,000′ peaks, learning to ski or snowboard, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, hiking — you name it, the mountains inspire us and entertain us.

elopian David Moum and his fiancée, Katie, created “The Beauty in Going Back” for COLORADO REVEALED hosted by The Audience Awards. The film transitions depict the passing of a full year in one day as captured in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Lake Dillon, Silverthorne, Winter Park, Evergreen, and (of course!) Colorado Springs.

As David puts it,

Our cities sit in the shadows and crevices of our greatest treasure, The Rocky Mountains. From sunrise to sunset, Colorado cannot help but show this natural beauty. The beginning connects with the rising of the sun, the natural entrance and illuminating aspect to our every day. The closer you get to the middle and the meat of the film, the more colorful and vibrant it becomes. Only to be met, once again, by the inevitable and beautiful sunset. We purposely did not include any dialog because we want you, the viewer, to make your own observations and let Colorado reveal itself to you.

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