@madhatter_boy with his custom #DapperDays Toy Story alien-inspired creation based on our Adventurer Hat!

As a company that has its creative roots deeply entrenched in the whacky world of #CrazyHats, we get just a little excited about holidays like #NationalHatDay. (Not that EVERY DAY isn’t an excuse for celebrating hysterical headwear and innovative costume inspiration in our opinion.)

@misskmichael makes the most adorable Jessie!

The ultimate addition to any outfit, the perfect hat goes a long way towards cementing your costuming style. They’re also a great item to incorporate for showing some love for your favorite fandoms alongside your everyday attire.

@magically.potteresque showing some Slytherin streetwear style fit for the Wizarding World!

In our not-so-humble opinion, hats make the best cosplayer-friendly wardrobe additions simply because they’re so versatile! Dress them up or down to unlock character correct or cosplay-casual styles. Either way, #TheresAHatForThat.

@cansukylar looking picture-perfect in our Fleur Delacour costume hat!
Does a more perfect Tina Goldstein cosplay exist than this one from @hobbitparty? We don’t think so, but we would love to be persuaded.
@michaelrburson makes this Slytherin beanie look downright magical. Draco Malfoy would be proud.

There’s something extremely energizing about seeing the unique creative visions of our online costuming community. They’re universally adept at bringing their favorite characters to life, or coming up with entirely new ones!

@crystalrosecreations with a mad mashup Harley Quinn/Pirate Queen featuring our iconic Lady Buccaneer hat!

So in that spirit, we just want to spend today celebrating YOUR creativity! Whether you bought them, borrowed them, or painstakingly made them yourself, we wanna see your definition of exemplary headwear! Tag us on social to share your favorite styles!

@madhatter_boy makes the most magical mage in our hand-felted Witch Hat!