On this Veteran’s Day, elope celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

elope is proud to be headquartered in Colorado Springs, which is home to both Army and Air Force bases, as well as the Air Force Academy. Military veterans are a huge part of our community: To you and the families that support you, we give our humble appreciation for your service and sacrifice, and we’d like to honor our neighbors, friends and family both at home and abroad.

We’d like to give a special shout out to the veterans of our team.

On our Distribution Team:  Tim served in the Air Force.  Chad served in the Army.  Jake served in the Air Force.

From our Web Team:  Megan’s husband Joe served in the Marine Corps; her grandfather Tom was a fighter pilot with the Army in WWII, father Robert served in the Marine Corps, and mother Flossie served in the Navy.

With our Sales & Marketing Team: Becca’s grandfather Jim served as a Navy navigator, grandpa Murl served as Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, and dad Murl served in the Air Force and played in the Air Force band. Holly’s husband Chris served in the Air Force. Julie’s husband Kevin served in the Marine Corps and the Army, and currently works as a civilian for the Army.

On our Design Team:  Alyssa’s husband Chris served in Navy and her grandfather Claude was a pilot in the Air Force while her grandfather Donald served in the Army.

From our Executive Team:  Kevin and Keith’s father, and Franzi’s Father-in-Law, Paul served as an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force.

With our Finance Team:  Rhonda’s son Karl served in the Army.  Karl and his beloved service K-9 vet, Hero are pictured below.

Karl and Hero
Karl and Hero

For some extra Veteran’s Day fun, check out our favorite Veteran’s Day salute from our own product line.