West Coast Port Updates

West Coast Port Updates

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The massive labor standoff at West Coast ports is over, but the impact will continue for some months to come. As the New York Times reported in February, the number of container ships waiting to anchor at the worst of the crisis had grown to 22, from 14, and the total number of ships waiting to dock at these two conjoined ports on Saturday, including bulk and general cargo carriers, was 32:

American retailers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and agricultural exporters said they had already lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of mounting port congestion, with spare parts and consumer products from Asia not arriving on time and exports like oranges and apples left to rot.

Our containers are slowly moving along now the gridlock is over, and we’ll continue to keep eye on this situation and how it will affect our ability to ship your orders! We pushed hard for early orders this year, in part because we’re trying to anticipate any external factors that would prevent us from being able to ship your Back-to-School and Halloween orders on time.

For now, we’re hopeful that, as the Wall Street Journal reports, business should return to normal in about three months, which is crucial for our manufacturing and distribution process:

Nearly 50% of all clothing and shoes are imported into the U.S. via Los Angeles and Long Beach. The two ports are also the points of entry for the majority of all imports from Asia, including household goods, electronics, toys and food.

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