Over the past decade, Doctor Who has exploded into mainstream pop culture to become one of the most popular BBC TV Shows. But why is there such a large fan base of Whovians?
Though the show was revamped 10 years ago, Doctor Who has actually been on the air for 50 years. Such broadcast longevity has fostered a die hard fan base that crosses over several generations. When the first Doctor grew tired of playing the role, writers of the show decided to come up with the now infamous Doctor Regeneration. Instead of the Doctor dying, his body dissolves and is replaced by a new one. Though the show isn’t the first to keep the show going by replacing its actors, its the only one that has this story arc to explain why the Doctor looks and act differently — and this allows the show to appeal to new crowds with every reincarnation.
Another key factor to his growing popularity is that The Doctor is a very different type of hero. In an era where the movie theaters are filled with comic book superheros, there is no shortage of fights, explosions and epic showdowns involving the most incredible beings in the universe. Doctor Who is different is his cerebral lack of violence; he hardly ever punches or shoots anyone. The closest thing to a weapon that he has is the Sonic Screwdriver, which is primarily to unlock doors. His main weapon against interstellar death squads like the Daleks and Cybermen, is his mind. The Doctor’s cunning and encyclopedic knowledge doesn’t make him a superhero — it makes him the galaxy’s biggest nerd.
If that’s not power, what is?
Here are six more things you should know about Doctor Who and his ever-growing popularity:

1. Record Breaking Bad-Assery

Doctor Who cuinnes Book of Records
Doctor Who receives a Guinness Book of Records Award

One of the biggest reasons for Doctor Who’s success is the fact that it has been on the air forever!  After hitting its 50 year anniversary, Doctor Who became listed as the longest running and most successful Sci-Fi TV Series in History.

2. You’ve Heard of Him. Promise.

Entertainment Weekly Collector Covers Doctor Who Edition
Entertainment Weekly Collector Covers Doctor Who Edition

Doctor has found his way into mainstream pop culture. The series is regularly referenced in shows like The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Supernatural. It is also the first British TV Show to grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly as well as several cover appearances on TV Guide Magazine.

3.It’s Fun to Dress Like The Doctor 

PETER CAPALDI as The Twelfth Doctor.

PETER CAPALDI as The Twelfth Doctor.

This one’s a loaded entry because of our company-wide dedication to bringing the best quality of costumes and accessories to Doctor Who fans. Our extensive line is only growing, so be sure to check back with us regularly. The Twelfth Doctor is coming, and we will be ready!

4. Whovians at Comic-Con Agree: It’s REALLY FUN To Dress Like The Doctor

Doctor Who Cosplay - San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Doctor Who Cosplay – San Diego Comic-Con 2013

If you’ve been to San Diego Comic-Con the past 3 years, you may have noticed how extra nerdy it’s been. That’s because the infamous Hall H is swarming with over 6500 fans, the majority of whom dress up as their favorite Doctor Who characters.

5. Tumbling in on Tumblr

Doctor Who Tumblr
Doctor Who as made an impressive social media presence. One of which is Tumblr, which is the 2nd fastest growing brand-run Tumblr account.

6. Even Apple Appreciates Whovians

Doctor Who iTunes Page
Doctor Who iTunes Page

Thanks to the lovely world of the internet, fans all over the world can easily access their favorite shows to download. In fact, since 2011, Doctor Who has been the #1 downloaded TV Show on iTunes.