Ahoy there, mateys. It be that time again, lads n’ lasses. We’re talkin’ about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, o’ course.

Every year on September 19th, we celebrate this scurvy scallywag soiree in true sea-dog style at our World Headquarters. We don our finest pirate garb and make ready to fire the phones, man the computer galley, ship out the daily treasure trove of orders, and swab the breakroom deck.

We’ve got a few new faces in our skeleton crew that arrr quickly learning the office ropes. With a wealth o’ costume plunder to choose from, they’ll soon discover that it takes a bit more than putting on a pirate hat to earn your colors around these parts…

Ye might say that some of us go a touch overboard for the occasion. But what fun is it to merely talk like a pirate when ye can go all out and dress like one, too?

So whether you’re sailing the Seven Seas or plundering the Caribbean, from arr crew to yers: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!