Over 26 years ago, elope was founded on the principles of fair trade and social responsibility, so it only makes sense that a holiday like #WorldKindnessDay means a great deal around here.

That’s not just a PR-talking point for us. We’ve made it a point over the years to become more resolute in striving to make elope a better version of itself. We donate product and volunteer hours to local charities and fundraising events, like St. Baldrick’s, a volunteer and donor-based organization that helps fund childhood cancer treatment and research. In fact, we’ve been working alongside this amazing organization, hosting events and helping support local fundraising efforts and have raised over $2,000,000 in donations over the past 18+ years.

We enjoyed sponsoring the annual Waldo-Waldo 5k race event in Colorado Springs since its inception in 2012. Proceeds generated from race entries went to benefit the rehabilitation of the Waldo Canyon burn area, which was devastated by wildfire in the summer of 2012. Runners came dressed in costumes we provided to one of the largest gatherings of Where’s Waldo© characters on the planet!

More than one thousand people took part in the Waldo Waldo Run Sunday, October 21, 2012 in downtown Colorado Springs. The event raised money for the Waldo Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund. Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette

Our sense of social responsibility doesn’t stop with volunteer hours or fundraising events. In 2018, we launched our first philanthropic product line: Heartfelted™. To celebrate our heritage and dedication to a more joyful global community, 10% of sales generated from the Heartfelted™ line goes to benefit the Nepal Youth Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to providing Nepal’s most impoverished children vital healthcare, education, and a safe environment. It’s more than just the “right” thing to do. We all gain big by giving back! 

We value our place within our community to such an extent that elope team members are actually PAID to engage in community service as part of their regular compensation! In addition to volunteering at sanctioned local events, our team members are encouraged to find new ways in order to give back. Many choose to spend their volunteer hours at local soup kitchens, environmental cleanup events, food pantry drives, among other worthy community causes.

So today, (and every day!) we’d love to join the world in a display of mutual kindness! We encourage you to reach out within your local community and look for ways to add a little laughter. Happy World Kindness Day from elope!

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